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How It All Began

After pursuing an aerospace career for 10yrs, he began to lose interest. He moved his way up through companies and, along the path, built an exceedingly expert resume. His passion had diminished. He started venturing into other industries and came across epoxy flooring. Doubting at first, it suddenly hit again. He was intrigued and influenced. His passion was back, and he became more driven than ever. It is settled. He was going to start a flooring company. He decided to work for a handful of big companies gathering as much knowledge about the process as he could. He excelled rapidly, from training their employees to implementing new systems and running their warehouse. Following his drive to provide quality floors, he took his passion and ran with it.

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An Optimistic Approach

We here at 1 Day Epoxy would ultimately like to achieve happiness, just like the rest. Our satisfaction is achieved in a different way of thinking. Providing a flawless floor and an exceptional experience is our pleasure. Giving our employees hope to further their minds and grow their families provides us great joy. We get such gratitude for being able to participate and help create these opportunities. We hope to grow big enough that we can provide jobs across the states and even sell franchises to our up-and-coming generations. Allowing them to provide their job networks and help encourage more growth among the youth. Our employees provide for their families, and we can only hope to be able to help provide more and more family's development. Imagine how many families we could help if we could reach across the states—all along the way, encouraging the world to smile more.

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Quality Services

We provide high-quality, cost-effective installations and innovative solutions. If you’re planning new floors come to us today will give you the best service.

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Expert Staff

We provide knowledge and expertise in 1 Day Epoxy Flooring, and high-performance industrial floor coating systems to give you the best service.

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Simple Pricing

When we talk about the price range, it is a quite reasonable rate. Just choose us for a better experience

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Available 24/7

Whether it’s for your home or Garage, feel free to schedule an appointment with our technicians are available 24 hours a day.

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Covering All Areas

We serve in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, San Diego, and surrounding nearby areas.

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100% Guranteed

100% Guaranteed satisfying service for all types of flooring service

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Epoxy Services

We provide a collection of services from residential garage floors to decorative coatings. Whether you need a brand-new epoxy floor or want your existing one refinished, we cover it all.

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Providing Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key to success in any business. Satisfied customers provide you with referrals. Referrals are what keep you in business. Sure, advertising will get you pretty far. But, without an optimal product, your clientele will diminish. You must be passionate about what you do and stand behind your service because you know you provided the best service you could deliver. Customers want to be assured that if they choose to go with you, you will give them what they expect, especially if you came as a referral. Therefore, 1 Day Epoxy spends extra time instilling company practices among all its employees. Our employees are all clean-cut, and we provide them each with uniforms. They are professional, structured, organized, and by far top of their trade. 1 Day Epoxy has an extensive training process and a structured policy. We are the guys you call back for new work, not to fix our old stuff, and we'd like to stay that way.

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Quality is Key

Providing optimal quality is what's going to make you stand out from your competitor. That's why coming from an aerospace background. It was easy to grasp hold of the flaws and structure them out. This allowed us to break down the installation process and then break down each task to create detailed training metrics. This training metric ensures the fastest operation while maintaining the highest quality of work. We train each of our employees in this process excessively. What this did was help us find bottlenecks or flaws that cause quality concerns and eliminate them. This process cuts out all the downtime. It's done by staying organized and clean. This structure follows a lean manufacturing tool called 5S. 5S' aim is to eliminate excess costs and maintain optimum output at a high quality. The 5 s's are sort (essentials only,) straighten (organize, everything has a place,) shine (a clean work environment prevents accidents,) standardize (create an ideal workstation,) and sustain (continual review.) Though we trust our process, we do a quality follow-up for each floor to ensure our floors are up to the homeowner's expectations. Also, to make sure our employees are keeping up with company standards.

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